What to Bring & Expect

You begin your adventure to Bear Mountain Lodge with a scenic flight to Chinitna Bay where Bear Mountain Lodge is located. The flights leaving from anywhere on the Kenai Peninsula take about an hour each way. This flight alone is worth the trip. You will fly over Cook Inlet, from where you may see oil platforms, active volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, streams, and let’s not forget Alaska’s bounty of wildlife. We’ve had past guests that have counted over 100 bears just on the way to our lodge, and some sightings of whales, porpoises, coyotes, wolves, beavers, porcupines, moose, several species of birds, just to name a few. Once you arrive at Bear Mountain Lodge, your flight will land right in front of the lodge with a beach landing.

Don’t be surprised to have some furry residents greeting you as you land, always have your camera ready for a photo opportunity. Once you land typically we have our guests come into the main lodge, drop any gear that they want to leave behind. Eat a quick snack, hot cup of coffee/tea/cinder/ cocoa and then it’s time to gear up and go see what Alaska is all about. You will load up into one of our vehicles; there are no roads where we are, but we have vehicles to be mobile to where the bears are and provide safety and comfort for our guests. We generally travel 3 miles down the beach. Along the way if the tide is low you can see sows teaching their cubs to dig for clams, or boars out by themselves feeding on some of the largest razor neck clams in Alaska. There are different areas that we take you to view bears, one is a short trail to watch bears within a sanctuary that is a breeding habitat.

Here you can see sows with cubs playing, napping, grazing on grasses, and relaxing. We also will take you to the mouth of a creek where mid July-September they are catching or chasing Salmon. It isn’t a rare sight to see bears chase and fight over their catch. After a few hours watching brown bears and other wildlife that we may stumble upon; we make our way back to the lodge to prepare you for your return trip.

Then the day trip is over but the overnight guests’ adventure continues into the evening viewing the bears for as long as possible. We are flexible with any family members that would like to stay at the main lodge while the group continues to view bears. The main lodge is a great place to relax and take in some of Alaska’s beauty from our deck. Our bear guides are with clients at all times and all guests are asked to remain with a guide during their entire trip for everyone’s safety. Our expert guides are very knowledgeable with the area and the furry residents within it.

Don’t pass up on this experience that will last a lifetime, and that you will tell everyone back home about.

What to Bring?

Bring layers of clothing, rain gear, camera, good walking shoes/boots, binoculars (we have several pairs at the lodge for your use if you don’t have a set), extra medications, and change of clothing. It’s always best to be prepared in case the plane is not able to pick you back up as your stay is unexpectedly longer than planned.

Please don’t bring food, if you have special food restrictions or diets please let us know ahead of time and we can plan meals for you…but if you do bring food please leave it in the main lodge as food is not permitted in the cabins, vehicles, or with you while viewing the bears. Any alcoholic beverages are not included, but you may bring your own with you.

Please do not bring bear spray or firearms.