Chinitna Bay has some of the best brown bear viewing in the world. Your experience at Bear Mountain Lodge is unique and one of a kind. We are located at the southern end of Lake Clark National Park with the ONLY all-inclusive, full service lodge in Chinitna Bay. We are proud to be in a park that is known to be the least visited of all the parks in the State of Alaska. This is not because of the lack of substance within Lake Clark National Park , but due to the rugged terrain, no roads or railways, and the only way to get to most of the park is by boat or bush plane, makes this a truly unique park. Because of the remoteness that this park has, we have the privilege of being in an area that is truly flourishing with Alaskan wildlife.

We only offer small groups with flexible schedules. In Lake Clark National Park in Chinitna Bay where we are located, you will not find any large crowds, and no lines for timed platforms. We are on the ground in the middle of Alaska’s wildlife in their natural habitat. Just you and our guide, and one of the BEST experiences of your trip to Alaska.

Day viewing

We offer two different day trips and each are 4-6 hours. One arrives in the morning with an afternoon pick up. The other if an afternoon arrival with an evening pick up. (And don’t forget, the sun doesn’t go down until midnight, so the evening pick up will still be 100% daylight.) Each day trip includes all non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and meal during their stay. Times for departures depend on the air taxi scheduling and the tides (as they do beach landings in front of our lodge).

Mid May thru Mid July

We watch bears from several locations during these months. One area bears are grazing on beach grasses in a large field which is a protected breeding habitat. In these fields, you can also watch the cubs playing, nursing, or napping. During the breeding time there are also lots of boars that are around grazing as well, as the grasses are their main staple in their diet until the fish start running in the streams and rivers. So during this time there is a high concentration of bears as this is their main diet and one of the best places to get it. We also see many bears on the muddy beach flats digging razor clams, most of which are sows with their cubs teaching them how to dig for razor clams. You can see several bears or dozens at a time.

Mid July thru Mid September

Bears move out of the beach grass fields and start to fatten up on the Salmon that start to run the into the streams and rivers in the bay. The bears are not right on the beaches and we are able to be close, but at a safe distance watching then run up and down the creek for their catch. Don’t be surprised to witness a few bears fighting for their catch or for their fishing spots. What is one bear’s catch can be another bear’s meal. During this time you can see bears fishing, & sows teaching their cubs to fish as well.